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This page will provide links to articles that involve Politics. Considering that we are in an election year and have a bigger one down the road I think I need to post a few things that the local (NOT) papers refuse to do. Sadly the ‘fifth estate’ no longer exists, but has been purchased by six super information moguls. With Musk in the picture and Facebook this future looks grim.

In Clallam County, two local papers that serviced our three major communities are now owned and directed by ONE Canadian Company. Whoops, they just bought out three more newspapers in the Aberdeen Area. So much for citizenry input.
I would always welcome your own contributions and they would be properly credited. In the meantime, feel free to make comments.

Latest Northwest foopah! Microsoft! The newest CEO Tells Women To Trust The System And Not Ask For Raises.

Bill Gatesand the Microsoft management hired a raging Hindu sexist as CEO. I wonder what Melinda Gates thinks. Thank god, I sold Microfoot and its defective OS systems years ago. WIN 10 should be renamed WIN NSA.

“Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States,it can dry up and blow away.” – Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli prime minister, 2002

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  1. After reading the article Product of Mexico Link – must read (slow load, it is a LONG story.

    One reader responded to another comment I made to him earlier.

    He said:
    I read pt. 1 of the migrant worker story. Typically, I want to blame capitalism and consumerism. My entire life, I have worked with Mexicans. Construction, kitchens, and now agriculturally. When I ask where they are from, Almost all say “Oaxaca”. They work hard, and take pride in their work. Without them, our country would’ve stalled out decades ago. I am proud to work side by side with them.
    My honey – local. Helps with allergies.
    About 30% of the year’s produce is grown in my yard. A number I am hoping to continue increasing annually. Garlic – my yard. Just planted more a month ago. And China – my children even look at country of origin before considering purchase.
    I am not perfect – the other 70% of my fruits and veggies are a combination of farm markets, acme (albertsons), and produce outlets. I am typing electronically. All electronics have Chinese origin somewhere.
    And I hope to build potato boxes this year. Eventually, I hope to have an edible yard.

    This was in response to my own:

    I am heading in that direction as well. I posted my wording carefully. This is an issue that is for everyone to decide. I for one am learning Lentil. One reason I am cautious is that near everything is getting more environmentally and morally questionable. Throw in unsafe. Many of the fruits we import are treated with fungicides and what is basically a soil fumigant to prevent spoilage. methyl bromide. In parts of Canada they sprayed potato’s with 2-4 D to defoliate the plant for harvesting. It also made red potato’s REDDER and more marketable.

    By the way the FDA just approved the importation of Chinese chicken carcases. Go figure. Back to fruits and vegies. Two links. Please read!

    Product of Mexico Slow loading – long story

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