Welcome to the Senft recipe page. Here you will find recipes that all my children survived, although some would become vegetarians. Or as my daughter said because she wouldn’t eat anything that had shoulders! I should never have let them see me have our cattle harvested. Whenever I said that we are having ‘Big Red’ for dinner, my youngest would find a way to deposit the meat into the fireplace. This was a confession given many years later.

Recipe sources

Czech, Ukrainian & Russian
My own and from friends

Here you will find creations created by yours truly as well as those contributed by friends and customers. Most of all it is a thank you to my mother who had a way with the saucepan as well as the oven. To some, food is something to eat, to others it is a poem – sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always an adventure to be shared. Like the laughter enclosed within, I hope you Enjoy!



Some people eat from the three basic food groups – canned, frozen and take out.

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