FACEBOOK and “Account Warning Your account may be restricted if you violate again.”

Basically I got reprimanded for a violation of Facebook standards. A warning with expulsion to follow should I continue.

Full List of Republican Senators Who Receive Funding From the NRA

This situation came about when I made a comment about the payoffs that Republicans are getting from the NRA. Smiling Mitt being at the top of the list.  (Not mentioned, being a senatorial untouchable this is the way our oligarchy runs. filibusters will prevent anything from being accomplished on this gun issue.) 

The critical posting was here: “As many before have commented, ‘any society that allows children to be shot in its schools is a society that is failing.’ Mind you any society that continues to allow its legislators to be bought off by the rifle industry and the NRA to the tune of a million a year has ALREADY failed. Search out Republicans who get their sugar from the NRA. ”

“Seems that some Republicans have opted not to attend the NRA expo fest, but it does not include Cruz or TRUMP. Abbot is in a loves fest with these folks but a few are not. I am hoping that despite the recent courts strike down of restrictions for under 21 persons from buying some of these guns. … that simple laws if made nationwide could PERHAPS prevent some of these shootings. Not to happen! Ammunition issues also need to be addressed. That said, WHY does the NRA prevent armed attendees to their summit when Texas is an open carry state? Lets wait and here what the “HANG Pence (his VP) Trump has to offer. At best IMO I would think out of respect to the families who lost their children that they would cancel this mistimed convention.

Will the Republicans ever wake up to sensible and cross party answers to such carnage? I doubt it. We will get repeat crocodilian tars from such as CRUZ and ABBOT and their expressions of sorrow at the carnage., but since Florida and before they have historically shown little willingness to enact measures to limit the ease with which guns can be purchased. Meanwhile, lets just take a deep breath and do what the REPUBLICANS urge : PRAY! Or is it just their answer: ARM the police, teachers and give all the kids something to fight back with?”

What really got me into trouble was when I suggested that Don Trump had it wrong:
” I may well start reposting my thoughts on my own website. (the political one I have neglected for so long. It is not only the insane number of guns Americans are in love with but the refusal to enact some common sense restrictions, like medical or mental history in some states. My Facebook warning was equally about responding to the asinine responses by people like Donald Trump that baseball or cricket bats (or knives) can equally kill. True enough, but not as easily. For that I got flagged. With Musk in the game the oligarchs will soon control all of the social media. Kiss off, forever the delusion that we live in a democracy and have the right to free speech .

Facebook deleted that post about baseball bats and knives. 
“The answer is not giving them the right to buy weapons of such killing range. Sensible gun laws with background checks would be a small beginning. Remember also that all those armed forces returning from combat have to relinquish their weapons when discharged. What we have are a bunch of young people with access to killing weapons that they never should have had access to. “My girlfriend ditched me, I was bullied. I did not graduate. Lets go and kill someone and make me feel better.” MUCH harder to accomplish with fists and even a knife. I KNOW that as when I was a kid, I treated one such victim.


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