Memories of recipes are much the same as my genealogy page.

We live in interesting times.” This may be a strange intro to a Recipe site but I found that my children simply didn’t care. For that reason I discontinued my page for ‘Genealogy’ and returned to FOOD! Many recipes will reflect my Eastern European background.

Genealogy research is interesting, but the stories of harvesting and preserving of such had much more to offer. I pray that these thawed out recipes remain more sublime and extraordinary than the packaged and throw-away hedonism of today. Breakfasts and dinners were foods to make in praise of our ancestral past, mostly in farming and remain strong … if subdued echoes in our present and short attention ed future.

In a Monsanto world, this is hard to do. Whale killing and factory based animal abuses are all foreign to me. We need to make changes, especially in the poisoning or leg trapping of wild animals. I grew up on a farm and learned to kill, skin and prepare an animal. (Much less to shuck corn, snap beans or make winter sauerkraut.) A friend was aghast that I could accept the clubbing of seals. I will explain my position.

On a personal note, I find this to be  a more acceptable solution than the leg traps and poisonings that continue to be used. Balance in the Pâté Goose that is entrapped in a cage and the western world atrocities of factory farmed meat; be it beef, turkey, cow, chicken or pig. All are abhorrent, as is how we Pâté our children.
 That stated, I do include some very old recipes that may make you cringe. Those afraid to tread in lard should avoid these recipes. They do however, remain part of our heritage and should never be ignored. The usage of all body parts is something else to cringe about. If you killed an animal you would use all of its parts. 

Most of our ‘savage’ ancestors’ gave homage to the life they took to sustain their own. Our meat packaging industry does not give us that chance and certainly not a decent ending to most of the meat (animals) we eat.

In my sixties, I have made a huge turnaround regarding meat. So Vegans are roundly invited to contribute their own recipes to this site. If you are channeling Rachael Ray or Martha Stewart this is not the site for you. If you need a laugh however go here.

My answer is to wipe out 75 percent of your meat intake and start learning LENTIL. Soy milk, soy protein. Vegetable smoothies, soybeans and brown rice might go far in preserving a planet population that will be three times the size of mine when I was born in 1950.

I have always respected history and the travails that my parents and grandparents went through. I hope “The cellar” brings back a memory to at least one of my daughters.
 My parents were children of the Depression and some of my recipes  will show that frugality. Food was very expensive in the currency of those times and half the nation was in Soup Lines.

We now have an increasing percentage of the nation on food stamps. ** Most of the unemployed then gathered at Hobo Camps, now the homeless simply hide from the statistics.  Please read my ending to ‘Smile.’  ** The 15% has grown to 20 percent since the last election.

(C) Herb Senft 2014

I also invite you to visit my rock and gardening sites. Please contribute your own recipes and stories. All credits will be given.

The past has room in it for everyone. The present less so and as for the future, that becomes ever more questionable as one gets soylently older. YIKES! Next week I give a presentation on banning fireworks

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