Do Not eat the Octopi

Octopi, for one thing are smart and are probably on the intelligence level of a young child or a dog. The chimpanzee comes in first place, but proof of the Octopi intelligence takes form in their:

1. Hunting skills.

2. Use of Defense

3. Tool making

4. Human recognition.

Many aquariums have tested the intelligence of octopi to recognize people. That is a given, but that sort of behavior is equally shared by dogs and cats. Treat them well, or abuse them, the animal will respond with recognition.

Some caged octopi would attack certain individuals every time they walked by their tank. She had been experimenting on him. The jet of water shot at her was a small attack response to inhuman testing. Birds and other creatures equally recognize human faces, especially those that are about to eat them.

On the tool-making. Octopi love to eat crab and easily make short work of them, but it is more curious in how they decorate their ‘lairs’ with decorative shells or even coconuts sunk to the ocean bottom. Building up their lairs with more rocks to hide behind further proves their intelligence as well as tool usage.

In sexual matters the octopus is even smarter than the human male. They have an adapted arm, a hectocotylus which he inserts into the female in order to delver the sperm, usually at a safe arms length. Very wise behavior as the female usually devours the unlucky male getting too close.

Like the human species, some continue liking the dangerous sex, they make their dens near the females but BEHIND the safety of a rock. They simply sneakily maneuver their hectocotylus around and mate in safety. Sex without even leaving your own home!!!

Octopi have THREE hearts and cognitive neurons in all their arms, so they basically have more brains than we do. Moreover they can completely regrow their arms should they lose them. Not in the stunted or weakened limb that lizards do, but these are totally equal to their former self.

Finally, some research has shown that the DNA and genome of an octopi contains similar genetic code that we humans have. That means they are fellow intelligent creatures and should not be caged or eaten.

“There are very few cultures who would consider eating a dog, and yet you can eat octopus in virtually any seafood restaurant anywhere.”

Remember GOD may turn out to be a bit different than we imagine.

Envy may be part of my fascination. Evolution has given this beautiful animal a central brain, but it also feels the world through each of its 8 arms that are directly attached to its head and central brain. Bear in mind, if cut off they seem to function independently as two thirds of the Octopi’s neurons are in its arms, giving new meaning to let your arms do some of the “thinking”—or at least the coordination, problem-solving and reaction—on their own.

Human males also have a member that does that, often to the owners chagrin. It is all too sad that these wonderful intelligent creatures have such a short life span, or do they? Perhaps their cognition of time is measured entirely different than our own and their time in in Aquariums or experimenters sea tanks may seem decades long. 😟

c) Herb Senft 2023

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