Politics &, corruption: What are we really?

A friend wrote The world’s organized crime groups always protect their own. He was referring to the recent Trump revelations. I wondered at that point exactly what would the proper name of such a government be called. So many organized crime entities are out there already controlling city governments be they in Italy, Florida, Eastern Europe or Japan.

Government rules by the Thieves Guild. The actual terms usually used (as in Russia) would be rule by Oligarchy or Kleptarchy. What gets really interesting is when different mobs do not share the same definitions of jurisdiction. Our Supreme Court being a good example: the Jeffrey Epstein’s, or shady financiers who had ties to politicians, royalty and the uber rich. Most were Illegal dealings and possibly used to blackmail others. He conveniently died by suicide in jail.

Was it the ‘mob’ or some of his victims who did him in? The world’s crime groups protecting their investments? That would be Mobocracy – perhaps useful after all. The way things are going today, IF criminals are truly in charge, they generally would manipulate laws so they are not viewed as criminal. The term ‘Bankster’ reflects another facet of this. We even respect the most accomplished ones and consider some as future Presidential material. 

Our media no longer protects us and the idea of a fifth estate as a watchdog went down the tubes a long time ago. Instead we believe in the Twitter, Facebook accounts and other imbecilic websites that repeat lies 24/7. In full keeping with the truism about a sucker being born every minute. Examples: Fake news and Fantastic lies

(The lie overrules the truth and becomes the new reality—alternative facts are dispensed in rants and raves. Propaganda has been at times relatively innocuous, but at others powerful and deadly, especially in the hands of the most infamously demonic demagogues through the ages.)

‘1. Barack Obama is not a United States citizen.

2. The 2018 school shooting survivors in Parkland, Florida, were crisis actors.

3. COVID-19 vaccines were worse for people than the coronavirus itself.’ (Huffington Post.)

Much of this occurred under a President who did not bother to read position papers “I don’t need to do research!” because I am smarter than my advisors.

These sane Trump supporters are now trying to defund the IRS, which is responsible for collecting the monies that fund the federal government and help pay off the country’s debt. Mind you, I do not even want to get into protecting the rich from paying their fair share of taxes. Supporters for that transend the party lines.

Are We Really That Dumb?

Back to my premise for a new definition for our ‘Democracy or Republic.” Kleptocracy (may have been derived from the Greek word for “thief,” but our political reference usually refers to a form of government corruption which includes graft and embezzlement of funds or assets for personal gain.

Are we approaching a Mafia state? Mind you this does not refer to the Sicilian Mafia, as a mafia state can be any crime syndicate and we have imported a great many, be they Ukrainian, Russian or Asian. Oligarchy IMO basically refers to criminality and or military rule for the same reasons.

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