Are Smart Meters Smart – NO!

! STOP! ‘SMART’ METERS  in Clallam County WA 

Between 2019 -2023 our PUD is planning to replace 67% of all meters with ‘Advanced Meters’. These 22,00 two-way meters, send your meter data directly to the PUD multiple times per day, using radio frequency technology similar to that used in cellphone towers. The ‘Opt-Out’ to keep your analog meter is $ (that is 420/yr) so not really an ‘option’ but a catastrophic bill for many residents

Aside from opening up this issue to public hearings or really delving into the complicated financing of this, they simply have proceeded with this ‘Upgrade’ stating that despite the $3.75 million price tag that they expect to save $300,000/yr in operating costs by cutting down on meter reading staff. This is laughable as they full well know that installing ANY new technology or equipment that there will be glitches, calibrations and upkeep to these shorter lived units. Leaving out the bond or interest costs that will probably mature closer to $5 million by the time they are installed they state that these meters will pay for themselves in 12 some years. Yet, Smart Meter executives have stated that these meters have a general life span of 5 to 10 years. Here are some basic questions to ask the PUD!

Neither is the cost of towers and repeaters put into the equation. Smart Meters also appear to break down or malfunction more easily than analog meters and require well trained repairmen to correct. I assume they will be costing more than the general meter reader who is happy to come by and check the cheaper and more durable analog meter that has a lifespan of 30 yrs.

SO WHO DO YOU TRUST? Certainly not the PUD who has not revealed the true economic costs, the impacts of health issues and possible wide spread grid failure due to ‘smart’ hacking.

YOUR privacy will be affected:

A smart meter records all aspects of your electric usage 24/7. By data mining the information one can sell or use the profile of the usage. This data can be used to determine exactly what appliance your are running at what time, when you are home. Is your water heater or appliance out of date? Just like your septic system, if out of date or not energy compliant fines might be charged for using that old inefficient dishwasher. Charges could and probably be changed to ‘smart’ rates where the utility will charge extra if you use power during the prime morning or evening hours. Throw in the sold information to the government and one might see all your appliances being red flagged in the name of environmental protectionism.

Like the documentation in your chipped car, smart meters will record every single aspect of the electrical usage in your home, water meters will be next. If you enjoy living in a Glass house this is what will happen, especially if that data gets into the ‘wrong’ hands like data miners. Here is the link as to what one such company ONZO has to say: Play the audio part. “We build energy consumption data and make profiles on every customer” …  the back doors to your computer or cell phone are small potatoes compared to the powerful streaming ability of these utility meters.

The wireless technology makes the meters vulnerable to hacking. With access to the data criminals could determine exactly what your daily schedules are and when your home is empty. Safety experts have also warned about hackers being able to deliberately manipulate the meter to catch on fire. HINT, buy insurance stock!

Lastly, the vulnerability of this smart meter network makes the entire grid more vulnerable to a catastrophic melt down and the fix might be weeks not hours.

Had enough? Get involved. Contact the PUD at Main Office 104 Hooker Road Sequim, WA 98382
(360) 452-9771
(800) 542-7859 Ask and sit in on public meetings and send them an email regarding this issue. COPY

WE can and must stop this overhaul before it begins and we need to do it right now. Sign the petition’s we will have and ask to speak before the commissioners. It is your right. The P.U.D. needs to be reminded that they are supposed to be a NON PROFIT utility – one that answers to “We the People.”

Stay in touch. Here a few links to check out.

Truckee CA. 
Smart meters and fires.
Effects of higher frequencies on human cells
A study by thee US department of health and human services on cellphones:
Radio frequency (RF) Radiation

Pt. Townsend – our neighbor and their response. 
And Port Angeles as well!!!
Take back your power a documentary.

A link how these Mini Towers cannot even be restricted by zoning laws for health concerns – remember your PUD has easements all over your property. Firemen have complained about their placement on Fire Stations. 
Always wondered about working 24/7 under one like at the Sequim Fire Station,and some are placed right next to schools.
Outdated FCC regulations on RF Radiation.

As a beekeeper I am also very concerned about the increased use of Smart Meters and their effect on endangered Honey bees and insects in general.

GERMAN NEWS: – Translated (hit translate) Counters for electricity, gas and water cause cancer.

Petition files signature pdf. 
Petition itself pdf.

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Are Smart Meters Smart – NO! — 7 Comments

  1. Smart meter heaters are smart indeed. For the utility. Be it for water metering or for electricity they often fail to produce correct data. Lawns replaced with drought resistant ground cover – yet the bill goes up.
    It also seems that some of these fail far more than the originals and are a damn less easy for the homeowner to contest.

    Consider this:
    1, “I need the PUD to prove to me that this program is in my best interest. Go ahead… convince me. I will listen.”
    2. “If it’s really and truly such a good deal, then why o’ why would they EVER think they need to charge us $35 a month to “opt out”??? Wouldn’t they GIVE US A PRICE BREAK IF WE DID SIGN UP first… first ? Why do you want to charge us extra for something that is paid for when you want to install something that will save us money ? I know why… because it’s more fricken EXPENSIVE !!! This is not rocket science people. This is the same mentality that causes rates to increase. It’s not cheaper. It will NOT save money.”
    3. Complaining and contesting is one thing, opting out and demanding to have the original meter should be a right, not a costly alternative.
    4. Worse yet it may well make money for the PUD that you had not yet thought of. DATA MINING and exploitation of your home and your privacy.

    What the British and Europeans are saying:

    Further issues such as increased bills, health concerns, fire potential issues and even privacy have led many communities to say NO.
    WE can and must stop this system before it even begins and we need to do it right now. Sign the petition and ask to speak before the commissioners. It is your right.

    Amazon, Netlex, your computer, cell phones already mine your data. These smart meters provide a continuous future hub link to collect and redistribute 24 hours a day. All your home behavior that is already being watched now it can be made available through your electric or water utility meter.

    DATA collected on you will ALWAYS be used and software companies like ONZO are quick to sell their software package to utility companies.

    Your home and your privacy now becomes compromised through PUD data surveillance data and trust me, it will be sold. They can juice up that utility meter to suck up and stream all the data that other software companies collect and build. Your daily habits, (even to the ‘are you home or not’) your flaws all can be sold to waiting hungry customers.

    Check out ONZO the British company that markets software programs for utility companies “We build energy consumption data and make profiles on every customer … the back doors to your computer or cell phone are small potatoes compared to the powerful streaming ability of these utility meters.

    Our Bill of Rights prohibits such searches without our consent. By agreeing to these meter installations you provide it.

    Onzo unashamedly gives the ability to monetize this data to provide a direct to third party (to make money for this data)
    This is not to HELP you, but to exploit you. Knowledge about your daily habits will be sold to third party organizations and that is ANYONE. Worse yet hackers can also access this data – though IMO the PUD has already become the hacker.

    “You are not required by law to have a wireless “smart” meter. Further, the legality of fees to “opt-out” of the smart meter program is in question. The best solution for all parties is for residents to have a choice in this matter – and to not pay for the basic right to protect one’s privacy, safety and health. Communities around the world have this basic right. All citizens deserve to determine what goes on their home/property.”

  2. POSTED from an email I received.

    I was really hoping to stay out of this but I woke up this morning thinking again of the idiocy of the so called “Smart-Grid” and I’ll probably have to say something at the meeting. (Explains his background – electrical engineering – deleted ) I do know what I’m talking about.

    Go ahead and put me in touch with anyone who thinks they are a good idea and I WILL change their mind. They are NOT cheaper and they will NOT save money. I know they have “studies” out there where they can show a cost savings over 20 or 30 years because they won’t need to “roll trucks” to go out and read meters… but listen… why would you ever want to “buy” something that is going to “pay” for itself in 20 or 30 years when you already HAVE something that is PAID FOR ??? WHY?

    The meter hanging on the side of my house is fine. It is not broken. It provides adequate accuracy and precision for its job. It’s paid for. It will work for the next few minutes, it will work tomorrow, it will work next week, it will work next year, it will be working 20 years from now. It’s NOT broken – it does NOT need to be replaced.

    I know there is a a lot of concern about the high frequency radiation and all the mysterious witchy stuff… meters exploding, meters not reading accurately and charging more, etc, etc, etc… Candidly, the safety and/or health effects are not even my main concern…

    My main concern is for the ratepayers (and the unfortunate technicians who have to work on these things.) I need the PUD to prove to me that this program is in my best interest. Go ahead… convince me. I will listen.

    Think about it… If it’s really and truly such a good deal, then why o’ why would they EVER think they need to charge us $30 a month to “opt out”??? Wouldn’t they GIVE US A PRICE BREAK IF WE DID SIGN UP first… first ? Why do you want to charge us extra for something that is paid for when you want to install something that will save us money ? I know why… because it’s more fricken EXPENSIVE !!! This is not rocket science people. This is the same mentality that causes rates to increase. It’s not cheaper. It will NOT save money.

    I say let Clallam County PUD be the only utility in the country that does NOT have smart meters and circle back in 20 years… you will find our rates are among the lowest in the country too…

    I want to know the motivation behind why they are doing this. I want to know WHY? I want them to be aware and remind them that we actually don’t really need “Smart Meters” that are going to slice our bread and make us sandwiches …. we don’t NEED them. Why replace them ? WHY ???

  3. “BRING IT ON” was one PUD persons response to our meeting. One commissioner certainly had his mind made up and was pretty dismissive.

    Next weeks ‘workshops’ 1:30 and 5:30 MONDAY Feb 4th at the Carlsborg Main Office will represent an opportunity to answer their dismissal of community resolve about the smart meter and OPT OUT charge of 35.00.

    Final question not yet addressed was:
    Considering that the two major cities on the peninsula have opted out of installing ‘Smart meters’ what analysis did your experts come up with to suggest that your customers might feel that their PUD had the right to install meters that could collect, store and broadcast over the air (even if encrypted), and to post a personal portal on the Internet (never secure) data so detailed and personal that it can determine:

    1. When we get up in the morning.
    2. When we get to sleep at night
    3. When we are at work – or the property is vacant.
    4. When we are on VACATION.
    5 When and how we run appliances in our home.

  4. One question I did ask and hope to address more at the workshop:

    In your cost analysis, why did the PUD decide that installing Wireless Smart meters on every home, building, and business be judged more important that to RELIABILITY and IMPROVEMENTS to what you already have?

    To which the same 3 plus million could have been applied to projects that would benefit all.

    1. Burying more power lines in regions that are prone to storm damage.
    2. Upgrading major equipment and sub stations that deliver electrical power
    3. Increasing the stored or reserved power that a growing area needs.
    4. Making sure that the health of the power grid we already have is better monitored and work on eliminating the growing number of voltage surges we experience.
    5. Offering more vouchers for low income customers to upgrade outdated and energy inefficient appliances.
    6. My own pet suggestion being to give vouchers to homeowners whose trees need constant topping! Offer replacement shrubs and cut the big trees to the ground.

  5. ANGER at public meetings and or the lack of coherency and simply parroting tracts of ‘opinion’ by others.
    We had a good meeting with the PUD commissioners and many people opposed to ‘smart meters’ will be going to their “Advanced Meter Workshop” which will be at the Carlsborg Main Office this Feb 4 at 1:30 and 5:30. There own “Bring it on” dismissive comment and others was not good Public Relations at all. I was surprised!

    Despite all, this is NOT a done deal and the costs of the OPT OUT issue are very clearly open for debate and revision. That is, IF enough people show up there, sign the petitions and well … basically care about what is being done to them.
    I will also caution all those opposed to tread lightly and not to tar all the commissioners in one stroke. Jim Waddell was just elected to this term beginning January 1, 2019 and had nothing to do with the sneaky policy changes that occurred over the holidays. His background with the EPA and work on Global Warming research suggest that he may be amiable to compromise and perhaps revisit this costly expenditure.
    Yes, I am angry as I am looking at my 70 a month that the PUD suddenly suggests I will owe them simply NOT to have a more often replaceable meter put in for the two working analogs I just finished having put in. I do intend to challenge some of their analysis and suggest other options – I hope others do as well. (35.00 a meter)
    You decide! The future will be determined in the next few weeks! But, as in most applications to council please be original and use your own words. Try not to read from a script made by others. Revise and put them into your OWN words, your own pain, your own concerns.

    IMO, the ‘smart meter’ issue has many problems including the cost and lack of open bidding. Buying from a Swiss company vs. American made manufacturer’s including a great one in Spokane is just the tip of the iceberg. Reliability, health issues, costs of mini towers and repeaters simply have not been answered.
    The OPT OUT costs go against industry norms and also have not been properly fleshed out as to why they are charging 3 to 7 times what other utility companies have done. This is opting out for SAFE, reliable and long lasting meters vs. ones that may have to be replaced every five years and will be gathering and disseminating information about your power usage 24/7 over the airwaves – all hackable.

    If your own issue is health, bee insect populations, do the research and present it. There are many, many target-able issues as to why we do not need these meters.

  6. yowee…. just saw my face off with a lawnmower…. 🙁 was the response of a friend and beekeeper after reading this link.
    As I wrote him, this is a link to read while listening to the Leonard Cohen or James Watt album. Like slinking into a deep hole of melancholy. A threshold to enter when we really want to get morose, put on the Goth clothing, drink the bitter herb tea and distance oneself from the real world.

    COLLAPSE is already here.

    Yup, our grand kids will have a lot to say about our generation.

  7. Electrical engineers will appreciate the difficulty of nubbing together a test for
    regurgitative purwell and a superaminative RF frequency damage. Indeed, for smart meters, this proved to be a stumbling block to further development until, in 1943, it was found that
    the use of anhydrous nagling pins enabled a kyptonastic boiling shim to be
    At that time, forty-one manestically placed grouting brushes were arrranged to feed into the
    current polarity slip stream with a mixture of high S-value phenyhydrobenzamine and 5 percent reminative tetraiodohexamine. Both these liquids have specific pericosities
    given by p=2.4 Cn where n is the diathecial evolute of retrograde temperature
    phase disposition and C is the Chomondeley’s annual grillage coefficient.
    Initially, n was measured with the aid of a metapolar pilfrometer, but up to the present date nothing has been found to equal the transcetental hopper dadoscope.

    Due to a huge breakthrough, the new smart meters NOW have a base-plate of prefabulated amulite, surrounded by amalleable logarithmic casing in such a way that the two spurving bearings were in direct line with the pentametric readout, the latter consisted simply of six
    hydrocoptic marzelvanes, so fitted to the ambifacient lunar vaneshaft that side fumbling was effectively prevented. The main low power chip-set is of the normal lotus-o-delta type placed in panendermic semiboloid solts, with every seventh pin being connected by a non-reversible tremie pipe to the differential girdlespring, actually quite similar to the “up-end” on the old analog meters.

    It has been shown over decades of diligent research that the analog meters work, but efforts to keep them in service have now failed, but no-one knows why…further research is required

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