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 I will be adding oddball stories and some recipes for the fun of it. Some may make you laugh, others will make you cry. The Chinese sushi pictured to the left are a favorite of mine.

Hopefully, they will re-waken moments in your own life story, or incite you to bake a dish for the friend who has gone before. Or to listen to the music they loved, doing so on the date of their departure. My creation story explores my own personal beliefs.

Darwin awards:  a must visit link.

Ancient Roman Recipes -link
Big Red an adventure into animal husbandry.
Lost the sheep story or did I?
Beware of Pigs could’na help myself including Palladin.
Creation Story – a fishy one.
Dinner on Doomsday  began it of
My Horse Stories
Firework Safety A recipe I suppose.
Jokes funny local memories
Mole Recipes
Bugs and Moles  a stutter perhaps but a new site.
My father cooks too – a read to put you on a diet – or return to one.
To McCricket or not eating bugs
Mammories of the 60’s – or don’t squirt those into the Lasagna
Martha Stewart monthly calender
Menage a Quarte


Schumos Coffee Ad would never be shown in America
Unappetizing food combinations
This (Pigs feet- Speck issue )might become a blog issue … but I would add this culinary response to one of two pages commented upon. The other was in my plants page. Oscar – a story about abused birds. The comments given were on page five.
This was a very interesting read but, I have to say —did not feel like eating after reading it. My great grandmother was Swiss and she was into the head cheese and pigs feet—as I child I would not touch it and they did not force us —thank goodness. Reading this brought back those memories for me. If I feel weak as I try to diet–I will come back to this page and have a re-read and it will keep me from want to have snack. I am so glad you father did not make you eat the brain!!!! Jan

I always had a difficult time in understanding my families aversion to fresh butchered meat … in this case my chickens. After all, I had to construct the structures to house them, feed and water them. Protecting them from coyotes and dog packs was another matter. They were mine! Damn if I was going to let these feral packs get them.
Oh well, the time came when the egg laying came to a close and their legs became a dark yellow. Time to harvest! Mind you, I NEVER let the kids watch me do the dead thing with the ax or the follow up’s. None the less they knew what was happening and refused to eat any chicken product they knew did not come from a Safeway or equivalent. One commentor even asked me “How could I do that?

Bury them?
The answer would be: I lived an early life were even fish heads in a soup were a bonus. Having meat by the means of a full chicken was heaven provided fodder. The eggs were a bonus. I never understood my families reluctance and processed the oldsters while they were at school and they would soon become Chicken lasagna or whatever.
“He who bears chives on his breath Is safe from being kissed to death.”


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