This picture basically shows the ancestor tree. Do not use the small arrows as they simply refer to the program that made this – simply refer to the number as referring to page 2, 3 and 4 respectfully. I am sad to say that after 15 years NO further information came to light on any of my ancestors. I do however suggest that the rest of you do not give up and I happen to have information about 3500 unrelated Schoenberger, Schinnagl, Senft, Morgenstern and other derivatives of those names. Please check out my story about the meaning of “Senft.” There is a funny edit at the bottom.

Sadly I have little further to add to my Senft family descriptive in Czechoslovakia as I never got to know my grandparents. They died when I was seven and I had already been transplanted to Vancouver B.C. Canada at the age of five. My father would never speak of those years and the only thing I do remember him volunteering was that they had a horse farm raising heavy draft horses that his father used in transporting goods. Basically the family were ‘truckers,’ before the advent of the motorized vehicle. This lifeblood and profession extended back to the time they lived in the Ukraine.

I do remember asking my father if they were Clydesdales. Knowing them from the Budweiser commercials and he said no. They were some Polish or Lithuanian breed.   Loosing this farm and the horses would have my grandfather dying after the farms seizure way too early and my grandmother would die of heartbreak four days later. All I can add is a nice link to European horse breeds.

Pedigree Chart for Herbert Ernest Senft

I must confess to cheating on my own picture. That was me around 1986. A log home I had finished, solar powered, twelve volts, green toilet and a partnership to die for. Alas times change as have I.

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