MAIN COURSES for dinner

Alder Planked Salmon
Baked Orzo with Peppers & Cheese
Barbecued Pizza or not
Beef Cheese Enchiladas
Bacon wrapped Chicken with cheese mushroom stuffing. link
Cast Iron skillet vegetable pizza topped with ... link
Chicken Fajita Pizza
Chimichange del Mar. Paired with Enchilada
Cajun Meat Loaf
Cheshire Pork And Apple Pie
Chicken Mole
12 Christmas dinners to please – link
Clam linguini
Chicken Satisva
Chicken Schniztzel
Chicken sour cream enchilada
Curried Chicken Meat Loaf
German Pancakes
German Goulash
Georgian Tkemali Chicken
Honey Ginger Salmon
Hungarian stuffed Cabbage Rolls
Korean Chicken
Lynn’s Spaghetti Sauce
Mushroom Lasagna addendum to a link to lasagna
Mushroom Ragout – lInk
No Peek Stew
Panko Crusted Chicken – link
Paprikash Chicken – Hungarian
Pineapple Holiday Ham
Poblano Chilies with Black Beans and Cheese
Pork Chop Casserole quick and easy
Pork Chops -Wienerschnitzl
Ukrainian Chicken

Sourdough waffles  I know pancakes and waffles are a stretch – or Schmarn.
Seafood Lasagnsa
Spicy Vegetable flat bread — great link
Thai Chicken Pizza
Svickova pickled beef
Vegetable spaghetti
Vegebable Pizza/stovetop – link
Venison – crock pot recipe

“A mad German is a Sauerkraut.”

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