Other Ethnic Dishes

rice balls

This is a beginning attempt  to deal with other cultural favorites. I hope to add more as I get them, but for the moment most will be links to other sites as the only other fare I have tried on would be Middle Eastern  and Japanese cooking. Enjoy! 

Caucasus Region

Tkemali Chicken (Georgian)
Japanese recipes:

Onigiri japanese rice balls recipe

Korean recipes:

Korean Chicken
Korean kimchi (or Kimchee)

Middle Eastern recipes:

Baklava Turkish link
Chicken Curry w/ (courgettes)
Doogh – A Persian yoghurt drink

Samphire (Sea Beans) with Salmon – link (will need a substitute vegetabe.
Tabbouleh Salad Recipe
Turkish Meatballs – Kadin Budu
Zucchini fritters Turkey
Circassian chicken with walnut sauce -link

Asian cooking:

Philippine dishes:

Philippine Cuisine – Pinoy link
Pork Adobo


Coconut Curry
Thai Chicken Pizza

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