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 This will be the homepage for articles that deal with the environment. I hope you will participate as I strongly feel that as adults we are but the stewards of an earth that are children and grandchildren have left in our hands.

I may sometimes stray into politics as proper ‘planning’ is crucial to have a community that is safe for all. I happen to live in a beautiful county, one that most people would cherish. The reality is quite different and one needs to deal with commissioners and city councils that are beholding to realtors, corporations, land owners and  recently tribal entities that are a law to themselves.

I welcome your input, either by comment or articles submitted. The latter I would welcome even if they might differ from my own views. Input is ALWAYS welcome and will be properly credited.

Ban on Hemp products
Do not eat the Octopi
Carnivore come back in Europe  link
Fireworks and their dangers
Keystone pipeline and VETO
Mexican Mega-Farms – link
Why Celebrate July 4th by Polluting?
Why Should the City Ban Fireworks?
Olympic National Forest and Park to be irradiated by the Navy!
Our Good Earth The future rests on the soil beneath our feet.
The Dirt on Dirt: N.G. link
Port Angeles and the Turd Tank (link)
Polluting Incinerators – EPA where are you? A must read link!
Pumping sewage over our River?
Revelation and Climate Change
Sewer Gate
Toxic Weed killers Open in a new link.

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