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 not easy being green
 It’s not easy being green, but many of my articles deal with the environment. As a result I have had comments and I added my responses to them. They will include the Keystone Pipeline, Fracking and the militarization of our Olympic National forest and what it means to us.

We Have had three presentations by the Navy Growler and radar emitters in the National Forest – and BTW right next to the Olympic National Park.



I will add my own strange sidestep here as obviously wildlife experts did not participate. What happened to President Clinton’s and Washington efforts to conserve Spotted Owls? :-) “Every individual owl is protected from harm under the Endangered Species Act. Federal lands play the primary role in achieving recovery of the spotted owl. The NW Forest Plan serves as the basis for federal forest management.”

I suppose they now will have to dodge these radar installations as well as the barred owl. Back to other critters – what about bats. I cannot imagine them not being harmed from this. This National Forest and Park areas which are damn adjacent to this ask for greater fees, yet allow war games to be played in the sky above and radar emitters close to highway access and the Quinault Reservation.

Can’t understand why they haven’t spoken up. The map placements are quite alarming.The Queets tribe might have something to say as well.
Guess those owls will just have to avoid those military air craft.

This land once belonged to them and under Teddy Roosevelt it became part of the National Park and Forest service. It is a blessed land that in which we can remember our past and as good stewards it may well bring hope and promise to our children now and in the future.

“We call upon the mountains, the Cascades and the Olympics, the high green valleys and meadows filled with wild flowers, the snows that never melt, the summits of intense silence, and we ask that they: Teach us, and show us the way.”

This came from the ‘Chinook Blessing’ which speaks to the Olympic peninsula better than I can. http://highonlife1.com/chinookblessing.htm

Not well presented yet is that these placements of land vehicles abuts the Olympic National Park and that flights overhead would certainly overfly the Park. Somehow I doubt that the Park Service would be happy about this.

Sept 1 2014: In their rule change, Olympic National Park officials said drones present “unacceptable risks to visitors,” including possible injuries from collisions or contact with spinning propellers or rotors. They also cited the potential impact on wildlife. HUH! and warplanes would not?


Strangely I have not had any comments on the Keystone Pipeline so I will post a couple I left on Yahoo.

One other thing to mention is that the Lakota Sioux are a bit miffed at the imminent domain thing.Their Reservation in S.D. would have to surrender land once again. This time to a foreign govt. The Canadians already rejected a pipeline to the East of their country, but are more than happy to send their crud to the U.S. and refineries owned by the Koch brothers in Texastqan.

The Republicans and now Republican-lite Democrats reflect we have the best govt. that oil money can buy…

Just transferring emminent domain to a foreign country that amounts to one hell of a lot of land. Tell that story to the Lakota Reservation Sioux, Cheyenne and other tribes that once again will have their land stolen. Pine Ridge once again, this time I might join them.

“Democrats lie?” This is a transport of Koch brother ownership in the tar sands to their refineries in Texas. Glad that these cochsuckers are going to be even more wealthy because of the Republican AND Democrat payoffs.


News link on fracking and how it will affect other countries.

From Jahoo, Regarding Colorado water use. I would also add that CA which is having its worst drought continues to use water for fracking purposes!

Just Me.

If Colorado is serious about water issues then they need to address the amounts of water being used for fracking in the natural gas drilling in this state. These lying commercials on TV are so insulting I scream at the TV. Billions of gallon of water
are turned into toxic waste once they add the 5% of deadly chemicals to it. Check these chemicals…Benzene, Toluene, Ethel benzene, Ethylene Glycol.

So each well drilled uses anywhere from 1 million gallons of mixed water to 3 millions gallons. EACH WELL. We have 30,000 wells here in Parachute Co. alone. EACH WELL can be Fracked up to TEN TIMES to keep it producing. Get the picture. Trillions of gallons of ground water, lake water, river water that is NEVER usable for human consumption again. Yes they say they are now cleaning it but not for human consumptions. That CAN NEVER BE DONE. Fracking with these chemicals and procedures has only started in the last 5 to 10 years and now we have a water concern. Yes fracking has been going on since the 1950’s but not they way they do it now to break up the pockets of gas with deadly chemicals. This is why fracking wasn’t big for years and now that they have this wonderful way to get to the gas the industry is booming but it is killing the air, the water, the land and making people very sick.

Lawsuits filed and paid off have a gag order attached so the people with payoffs can’t speak of there health issues.Yes this industry has created lots of jobs and lots of revenue but at GREAT COSTS that we are just beginning to see.

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