Unappetizing food combinations.


You must have some stomach stamina to read this. The fried grasshopper on tofu was one of my favorites! Same with squid burritos. That said, my kids stopped inviting their friends over for dinner and slumber parties. Hell, I even took the time to vacuum the sheets. Such are the rewards for good parenting!

We all know what goes well together like apple pie and ice cream, feta cheese and olives but how about some ghastly food combinations? Here are a few suggestions, please forward your own.
The same green olives with pineapple for a pizza combination, Gorgonzola cheese topping.
A stout beer with tomato juice as a cocktail.
From my own background Herring salads, worse when finished with ice cream. All pickled fish or mussels with milk.
Pickles and Strawberry jam.
Pickles or gherkins with milk, or with (fill it in). Hmm. Chocolate covered pickles might just work.
And while on Chocolates serving it with Blue Cheese as appetizers.
Anchovy milk shakes
Near forgot garlic – garlic-banana smoothie?
And of course Green Cheese and Spam.

(Send in your own with a name and I will add it to the list.)

Am playing a Grepo war game and this recipe  was suggested.

“This will give our chefs time to make your troops liver/onion/sauerkraut pizza. (with Limburger cheese, of course) for the pre-battle party. ”  Inspired I am sure about your near cormorant/pelican mixed DNA genealogy.”    afishunter

herb (copyrighted still on hold for fear that restaurants and grog shops might lift these ideas.) If other people add their own combinations it could not be copyrighted and Dairy Queen and McDonalds will have a field day … although the fast food chain never took me up on McCrickets or the proper use of bugs.

I will admit that once in a while I would try some culinary experiments that my daughters would draw a line at This would be page 2 of the above. Deep Fried Bee Larva! I was so ahead of my time!

Oh Yah back when the world was to end I put together a nice page as what to serve on the last day. Dinner on Doomsday!

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