Revelation and Climate Change

Apocalypse_Horsemen_Pope_ClimateChange“Pope Francis, is attempting to bridge the widening gap between the boring and preachy Epistle of Jude and the still popular and hardcore Book of Revelation, while also courting a younger, progressive generation of Mother Earth worshipers by adding a cool new “Horseman of Global Warming” to the existing Doomsday scenario, bringing the total number of Horsemen of the Apocalypse to five.” Courtesy of (The Peoples Cube)

Will the band Metallica reissue their song ‘The Four Horsemen’ with updated lyrics and title in order to reflect these changes? Click the above links at your own peril.

I hearkened and heard the trump of the media sound. It’s why we banned history from the curriculum and replaced it with “Reality TV” and apocalyptic programs like ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Hunger Games.” Slowing down for polar bears, singing Gaea songs, and signing treaties underwater won’t be enough to raise everyone’s awareness of the necessity to call attention to the gravity of understanding there will be serious ramifications and dire consequences from human-caused climate change. Please read Pope Francis’s encyclical.  In the encyclical, Francis directed sharp criticism at global leaders for their failure to combat climate change.

Will this Papal utterance make a difference to the bread and circus atmosphere of our media or will ‘Big Blue’ and all the unreconstructed capitalists continue selling their corporate bullshit to the flotsam and jetsam by offering minor products or innovations to cool down the planet. In the meantime, their never ending war production ramps up and is the main event. Corporate America is a mercenary for turning a profit and ‘Drones for hire’ is a franchise soon coming to you.

Color my American skies in a perpetual aurora borealis and polluted Technicolor sunsets; we are indeed a Planet of the Lost and may be living in a biosphere that is doomed. The flickering sheets of neon green and lavender moving towards the cardinal red of the Papal encyclical.
Now I applaud the Prince of the Church for speaking out, but I wish he had spoken in a prophet’s voice. ‘The Bible speaks out against the sin of killing a human and this sin paled in the deliberate killing of a whole people or country. We called that sin genocide. China now continues the western world’s rape of Africa and the continent is dying. That too is sin!
We now kill ecosystem’s, drain aquifers and harvest animals for sexual powers’. This is not just stupidly it is indifference by the multitude and the media. We know that sin very well, but now we even Murdoch profit that sin?
The final judgment will come about for the murder of the biosphere, of the oceans, waters and the land. The slaying that will slay us all.  And mea culpa, the Church has been silent too long.

Alpaca Liptic.

Alpaca Liptic.

The rich lands must help the poor and let us get it right this time, because time is running out for the parasite that man has become.’
May God give us the wisdom and courage to visualize this Venusian future and may we act upon it. (C) Herb Senft 2015
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