Onion Guacamole



1 ripe avocado
1 cup fresh green onion leaves, scallions or even garlic tops.
The juice of half a lemon
1 tbs. or more of garlic mustard root or horseradish, minced**
1/2 tsp. salt, or to taste


Combine all ingredients in a food processor and process with the chopping blade until well-mixed (or mince the greens with a fork and mash with the other ingredients with a whisk or fork). Use within a few days.

I prefer the leeks or scallions over onion tops. I would hasten to add that chives or fresh garlic greens would be a great change of pace.

Women are angels. And when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to fly…on a broomstick. We are flexible like that.

** If you are very adventursome you might even use a smaller amount of fresh Wasabi.  Very much smaller!


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