Obama ‘Worst Possible’ Senate Map For Democrats Since 1950s

Obama says he sees ‘worst possible’ Senate map since Eisenhower.
Cry me a river, Reagan NEVER had a Republican House and Senate and he was STILL able to get his legislation through!

And he had a pit bull in Tip O’Niell in the House to deal with! O Niell made Reid look like a whimp! Clinton also had his own nemesis in the NEWT. Bill Clinton, after all lost control of Congress just two years into his presidency and never got it back, though he left office with a much higher standing than his Republican adversaries in the House and Senate.

The “distribution of states” included, Alaska, HI, CA, OR, New England, Southern states from Texas to the Carolinas. The Midwest and Rocky Mt. States. How is this the ‘worst possible’ Senate map since Eisenhower?

 praying squirrel
 The Democrats not only lost the Senate, they also created the largest house majority for an opposing party since WW11 and lost governors left and right. In most countries the ‘Prime Minister’ would resign after this vote of NO CONFIDENCE! This comes from a former Democrat who is still inclined to vote for them or Independents and other.
Obama will never be the statesman we need and BOZO the CLOWN BIDEN just gave away Kansas to the Republicans by declaring that the Independent candidate would swing to the Democratic camp.
Kansas papers made note and so did his opponent and from a lead he fell to a 43 percent LOSS. Thanks BIDEN! No wonder Democratic contenders didn't want to have anything to do with the executive branch. You are the kiss of death.

The Democrats not only lost the Senate, they also created the largest house majority for an opposing party since WW11 and lost governors left and right.


All 435 seats are up for election. 218 are needed for a majority.

Democrats Republicans
Seats won 178 243


36 seats are up for election.

Democrats Republicans
Seats won 9 24

As for the news article and the Obama comment it is a whine – whine situation. Sadly, not a win, win! Democrats, wake up and start fighting the issues. I despise the Republicans but after BIDEN I suspect you guys are in cahoots. ANYTHING to keep an outsider from the inner sanctum, even if they are Republican.

Americans are naive. Both the Democratic and republican party only allow the good old boys to win. Screw all other choices. It is like the Roman Empire, the plebes believe they have a vote but do not. They rubber stamp what the elite gives them a right to vote for. Has nothing to do with liberalism or conservatism – it has everything to do with CONTROL of the American people and dictatorship without true representation.

ONLY in one state has an Independent really made a difference in this midterm election. WAKE UP! – and get initiatives or referendums in place that allow for a system like Ireland or Australia. Strangely it is Louisiana that is proving the value of this.
God help us all. We are in a dictatorship and we still believe that voting Democrat or Republican means any difference. They will forever play the game AGAINST the other, as long as they keep out Independents, Greens, Socialists, Reform, and Libertarians whatever.

2016 awaits and you get what you invest in. Party control of governorships is critical in the 2016. Going into Tuesday Republicans had the governorships in 29 of the 50 states. They added to that total yesterday and even retained their worst! Even Obama’s home state went Republican.

What happened Shotgun Joe? You said the Party was going to win big! Sadly Stupidity is not an impeachable offense.

Democrats have not defined the agenda or narrated the story. My follow up became even more STORMY and is on my rock page. Meant for rock lovers!


Much to the credit of the Republican political machine, and with equal shame to the Democrats, the far right has been able to convince the public that everything bad is Obama’s fault, but that Obama is responsible for nothing that is good. Democrats have ceded the territory of reality to Republican fantasy.

Need a few examples? “Obama’s dropping approval ratings” GOP claims about unemployment. Expensive gas was Obama’s fault, but low prices deserve no mention price of gas Romney said on Fox News (where else?) that he believes “absolutely” that Obama is responsible for high gas prices. Add in Boehner, Limbaugh and other toxic mushrooms. Then the Republicans finally broke their silence, with the claim that “Obama deserves no credit for fall in gas prices.”

The bizarre far right does not believe in dialogue and compromise. Extremism is how the likes of Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin  made it to national politics. Sadly the Democrats offered no rebuttals.

(C) Herb Senft 2014

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Obama ‘Worst Possible’ Senate Map For Democrats Since 1950s — 1 Comment

  1. I responded to another person who referred to old Sicilian saying: “Governments change. The police stay the same.”
    At least Sicilians know the score and dare I say, so do the Russians. They know that the media and the government will lie to them. We do not and part of it is narcissism and disengagement. My own daughter hung up on me when I tried to talk to her about the elections.
    LA LA land.
    When Obama first ran he got a lot of support from younger voters, even in 2012 he got near 20 percent of their votes. This declined to about 12 or 13 percent. The democratic process seems to have failed. Broken promises, unfulfilled hopes. YUP! It is easy to cast blame (and I do0 on the Republicans but they played a much smarter game and managed to deflect their own lies and government shutdowns very well. The Democrats since Dukakis have lost their balls.
    What I failed to add is that the REPUBLICANS (with the help of the Supreme Court) created high hurdles for minorities and younger voters. In Texas and Tennessee voters could vote with a gun license, but not with a University picture ID. Strangely teachers were allowed to use their own. Georgia registered 40,000 people but then did not list them on voting polls. In Illinois some polls did not close until midnight.
    All of those are near criminal acts, but sadly 17 percent of young voters simply were ‘not interested” and claimed that their vote didn’t count. Total CRAP. They expect the older generation to keep things going for them while they text each other and are wired into their headphones. Well, they are in for a rude awakening when things go south.
    THAT IS THE DEFEAT that leaves me reeling. Worse yet that we couldn’t even beat some Republican knuckle draggers running for governor including Scott and the guy from Maine.
    Not talked about is that this rout also affected State legislators all over this land.

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