Operation Name-That-Mission: The Hunt for Military Monikers for that ISIS thing. Was discussed in the Wall Street Journal, for without a good name you cannot have a good war.

Operation ‘Limp Wrist’ was vetoed by the First Lady and John Kerry didn’t like Operation ‘Flip Flop.’ So a place name called ‘Inherent Resolve’ was given as a stop gap measure.

I happened to think Operation AARGULA was organic enough but no one else liked it. It certainly does not measure to the gold plated ones such as ‘Just Cause’ or ‘Desert Storm.’ Now those were names to die for. In that entire Wall Street issue not one member of the military explained why this not war didn’t deserve a good operational name or at least a pithy acronym.

This sort of namelessness to warfare is unusual as it makes it more difficult to dupe the public perception. Inherent Resolve just didn’t properly evoke the oily fluidity of the Middle East. “Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL).” Rejected. ‘Arab Spring’ had already been used up and sounded too much like a deodorant soap that didn’t take in Libya or Egypt and didn’t even get a foothold in Syria.

I would never be cynical enough to call it Operation ‘Mid-term Election Cycle,’ Or ‘MEN’ for Mid-term Election Nasty. The troops being sent over to deal with Ebola deserve that one. “War Can’t Wait” or “Bombing for the Future” would be Orwellian enough and have been good campaign jingoism’s but were way too long,

O.B.A.M.A. ? Operation Bomb Arbitrary Maniacal Arabs works for me. Good acronyms always win.  Somehow I think a good RAPTOR name would work as well. Operation ‘TURKEY.’


The warmonger dream of perpetual war has been won: US says Attacks on Isis Could Last Years.

No Permission, No Coordination, From “Natural Allies”

Syrian president Assad is fighting ISIS so is the US. Please consider Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister: We’re ‘Fighting the Same Enemy’
Expect an Accident
Assad has no interest in downing a US aircraft. Syria even offered cooperation (not that Syria had much to cooperate with – but at least the position of Assad towards ISIS is more credible than his neighbors – our allies.

  • The US responded with a threat to flatten Syria’s air defense system. This would please Israel and Turkey to no end.
  • The only group happier than those two would be ISIS.
  • Thus, the top priority of ISIS is now clear. Shoot down any US military aircraft.
  • If ISIS can succeed or if something (even a friendly fire accident) happens to cause a US pilot to eject, the US will flatten Syria’s air defense system.
  • Anyone smell an accident coming up?

    In the meantime The Turks, Saudi’s, Iranians and even the Iraqi’s do next to nothing. Why, is America, England, France and Australia involved. Add to the sadness – the only fighting ground forces the Kurd’s are being screwed by all sides, including the U.S.A.  I would love to see the Russians who are in Syria, begin supplying the arms they are asking for. Obviously the Ottoman drooling Turks and the Iranians who are waiting for Syria and Iraq to fall will step up to the plate when the Kurd’s and the U.S. is exhausted.

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