Sadly after decades of searching I could find no more on my Senft/Morgenstern family. I tried Family Tree Maker,, and many posts. Not one reply in near twenty years. Less explainable is the silence of Schoenberger’s and Schinnagl’s who are well entrenched in Bavaria and my information went back to my great grandparents. One was a mayor of Innsbruck and the other a priest in Munich. So sad! A picture link to my tree is on this page.

ERNST SENFT Born: March 14, 1879
Birth place:Zaboja, nearTarnopol,  now Ternopol, Ukraine (Galazia – Galatia)
Death place: Lenburg House 180, Lenburg, Germany. He died on 12 Oct 1957 in Leinburg House 180A, Leinburg, Germany.

Birth place:Kromieschditz, Obz .Klattau / Kromezlik Kreis Austria now Czech.
Born on 22 May 1879 in Kromieschiditz, Austria now Czech. She died on 16 Oct 1957 in Leinburg House 180A, Leinburg, Germany. You will notice that she followed his passing four days later of a broken heart.

An older brother Willi Senft
Doya Senft
Margi Senft
‘Pepp’ Senft who died as a young adult
Ernst Emil Senft born Aug 1, 1917 Komotau, Sudetenland German, Died Jan 19 1989 Winkelheid, W. German

Sadly I have little further to add to my Senft family descriptive in Czechoslovakia as I never got to know my grandparents. They died when I was seven and I had already been transplanted to Vancouver B.C. Canada at the age of five. My father would never speak of those years and the only thing I do remember him volunteering was that they had a horse farm raising heavy draft horses that his father used in transporting goods. Basically his family were ‘truckers,’ before the advent of the motorized vehicle. This lifeblood and profession extended back to the time they lived in the Ukraine.  Gypsies???


I do remember asking my father if they were Clydesdale’s, knowing them from the Budweiser commercials and he said no. They were some Polish or Lithuanian breed.   Loosing this farm and the horses would have my grandfather dying after the farms seizure way too early and my grandmother would die of heartbreak four days later. All I can add is a nice link to European horse breeds.

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  1. I so enjoy coming back and checking on this site. There is always something new and wonderful being added. All this info on the horse breeds was great. Your family must be popping their buttons over this sited–such an easy read, so informative. I always found most family tree work dull but this is far from that—just a great job and I will be checking back to see what is new and until I have read all the wonderful links. Thank you for all this work. Jan

    • Wish the kids were interested, but they didn’t care back in 2000 when it was created using FrontPage. No recipes were downloaded and no interest was shown in the family tree. They are in their forties now I suspect too tied up in their Facebook accounts to take note. Considering that they have kids, I would have thought they might be interested for their sake. Amazingly, I have traced the history of their mother’s tree back to the 1500’s! NOT FAIR at all. Oh I wish I could add a few music files, but they slow the pages down. Thank you for the nice compliment.

  2. Very sad story my Family is still suffering the consequences of ww2 too and the NS Regime. But there is maybe some hope, because I know a Senft Family here in Munich. Their son told me that there once were very rich in the Sudetenland had the first car there and owned a timber mill. Does it fit somehow? Please do not get confused by my Name does Wachter or Blau (Casimir an artist?) tell you sth? I unfortunately do know nothing about the Wachter/ Blau side of my Family. Complete quietness

  3. Thanks so much! Sadly ethnic cleaning continues to this day. Few people think of the Crimean Tatars or Germans that were exiled to Kazakhstan. Much like what is happening in the ISIS Muslim Syrian/Iraq conflict. These victims simply flee or are exported to wherever, with little more than a duffel bag, while the Europeans and the first world like the US continue to manipulate the politics and finances of the world.

    My own take. Humankind has had their chance and it is time to start over.

    As far as my Czech background, I doubt they ever were wealthy. That would be on my mothers Austrian/Bavarian branch. ‘Senft’s’ would be far more common in Canadian telephone books than in Frankfurt am Main were I was born.

    Now Munich is where the Schinnagl and Shoenberger’s roamed.
    MY SENFT family came out out of the Ukraine. This country has been owned by Lithuanians, Poles, Sweden, Russians, Tatars, Mongols and excursions by the Ottoman empire.

    In the last WW conflicts it has always had a checkered past and it seems to be returning to a fascist state, so pardon me if I don’t bleed for it. I do feel sorry for all the poor people trapped between two bad choices.

  4. My grandmother Leah Senft came from Sadowa Vishniya in Ukraine. She married my grandfather Samuel Schacher and they lived in the near by village of Sambor before WW2.

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