Since I added this paragraph “My answer is to wipe out 75 percent of your meat intake and start learning LENTIL. Soy milk, soy protein. Vegetable smoothies, soybeans and brown rice might go far in preserving a planet population that will be three times the size of mine when I was born in 1950. to my recipe page. I will be adding some as I process them.


About 20 percent of women are iron deficient, which is bad news for your waistline—your body can’t work as efficiently to burn calories when it’s missing what it needs to work properly. One cup of lentils provides 35 percent of your daily iron needs.

lentil soup Not ONE computer recipe for it! (When I type them out, I will put links on this page.)

I usually veer to the Indian spices and recipes, but have also used the common Ham hock or shredded chicken to a lentil-vegetable base to make more of a chili out of it. I did find copious notes from when I had been making this dish. Especially good for cold winter nights. Strangely, I stopped making it. Lentil dishes are also very good for slow cooking in crock pots. (BUT NOT with black beans!) Also a good ‘survival’ food to stock up on as if sealed, the lentils will last for years! (mixed lentils are also good)

I would love to hear from the forum their own variations. Red Lentil Soup – typical Indian mix with cumin , mustard seeds, chilli powdered turmeric powder. Maybe some Coriander. For other recipes I go with smoked paprika.

The Ham hock is typical fare, chicken broth, veggies etc.
I do like mixing Black Beans with Lentil Soup CANNED … I once had a bad experience under cooking beans and paid for that carelessness mightily. Carrots and smoked paprika or chipotle seasonings give it a warm orangy color. Most of my lentils are red. Usually some meat is involved, ie a few strips of bacon, fat removed.

DAL Lentil with Tomato Soup

The Vegetarian alternative would be to use vegetable bullion. Not as satisfying by a long shot.
From my Indian cookbook I also made a Dal/lentil soup using tomatoes and onions of course.

My own addition to this thread is a bit sadder. Lentils are also a good ‘survival’ food and if properly stored will last years.

My fridge died a few days ago and I did not notice its demise until I pulled out something with mold on it. Everything got dumped. By the time I had finished I had nothing to eat. Grabbed some lentils, cooked them, added some black beans (canned). What else do I have? Some garlic greens from the garden and a can of Campbell s tomato rice soup. Dat was it. Not a gourmet treat but it wasn’t bad at all. Yogurt would have been nice.

Forgot, I did add spices Turmeric and Garam masala.

I would grow them, but they are so cheap it doesn’t make sense and I would have to mail order the seeds.

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