Lasagna – and two friends

This is a link to a good Lasagna recipe! Something I never mastered, but would probably be my first pick to have made as a memorial to me. PLEASE. Never celebrate me with one of those German herring recipes. I liked this one because it had no cottage cheese. 🙁  If you have a better one please forward it to me. My own meatless (mushroom) version is here.

The first link is a good recipe and should be printed out. As always it is open to personal experimentation. No extra fennel for me, nor the extra salt or sugar. Too much in foods already. Added were 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes and 1 tsp oregano. The tomato ingredients  should be of Italian parentage.

I also split the meat ingredients to beef and sausage! Browning both well – then adding the garlic. YUM! A small amount of mushrooms could be added as well.  I tend to cook with what inhabits the fridge and needs using up.

Sometimes even seafood! YUP  Try this seafood lasagna. Not mine

In-between the Lasagna I began to think about two friends and what I could cook as a memorial to them. Please allow the intrusions. You see I need to think about this as Jim’s time with me ended June 2.  A reminder that family comes in all flavors and I was well blessed with these two and Verle as well.

I deleted this part and put it on a separate link. He’s Coming Home.

Prayers are sung every moment on the lips of breaking waves, and windblown branches, the whispering of leaves in the moonlight.

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