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While I’m at the kids stuff, I might add a quick banana recipe.  Slice a cold banana into thin slices, squirt with lemon juice, then sprinkle with sugar. Gently stir until the sugar is dissolved by the lemon juice. ENJOY – and do brush your teeth after this one. Toothless in Sequim, WA. (for three banana’s it was about one Tablespoon for each. )

To make this healthier, add a few fresh strawberries, kiwi, mango, papaya, pineapple guava and some yogurt.

I will add a terrible snack involving a slab of bread, butter and sugar thrown on top. So my Dad’s lard sandwich was not worse.)

Now I will add to this page a simple peanut butter recipe. Please forgive me. OR submit better ideas!

Peanut Butter Tomato Sandwich

Of course there is my standard Peanut Butter and Tomato sandwich that by some is considered pretty unusual, but there isn’t much to it. Just make some toast, layer on Peanut butter (chunky preferably) and add sliced tomatoes. Of course as a variation you could add crisp bacon, I usually don’t bother.

“It’s not necessary to blow out the other fellow’s candles to make your own shine brighter”

Five surgeons were taking a coffee break and were discussing their work.

The first said, “I think accountants are the easiest to operate on. You open them up and everything inside is numbered.”
The second said, “I think librarians are the easiest to operate on. You open them up and everything inside is in alphabetical order.”
The third responded”I like to operate on electricians. You open them up and everything inside is color-coded.”
The fourth one said, “I like to operate on lawyers. They’re heartless, spineless, gutless, and their heads and their butts are interchangeable.”
The fifth surgeon said, “I like Engineers…they always understand when you have a few parts left over at the end…”

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