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We all love to ‘RANT’ when things go wrong. This is a thread for life affirmation – for the good things in life, e. g. joyous occasions and accomplishments to brag about. I would love to have comments posted to this beginning thread.

A friend of mine would often call me up when she had a “five star” day — a day in which many good things happen!

Cleaning up today I found an old journal of mine. It was nice to thaw out that old memory. I hope others will post their own “five star” days! Sometimes just reading or hearing about someone else’s good vibrations will reset our own.

“It was a Seven Eagle Day!”

 eagle flying
Omens of the air reminded me today of my reasons for living here, reasons I sometimes forget. My first steps out the door this morning put me under the wings of a hawk flying directly above. The air was clean and frosty. We have such wonderful air and I get to wake up to see snow frosted mountains looming above the tawny fields. My morning walk started a flurry of activity in the creek, ducks shooting upward to escape my approach and a blue heron doing a graceful pirouette as he aborted his landing.

Eleanor came to help on this lovely spring-like day and we were both blessed by the sight of Ravens in flock-like flight, some twenty-five or more flying south east, heading towards the Puget Sound. They wheeled and dove and talked as they flew overhead — of mysteries spoken and not understood unless it be of the heart. Eagles flew by next, seven in number. A most magical number. They soared on by and unlike the Ravens did not take note of the humans below.

This was my day today, bird feeders replenished and all manner of songs bursting forth. The Varied Thrush by the creek so noticeable in its song, and finches and chickadees supplying the smaller voices. Red-winged blackbirds being the chorus girls, the main attraction and always singing while I have my lunch.

March continues to approach on hesitant, frosty feet, but the days are noticeably longer the warming sun fuel to the soul. Everyone is more spring like. It was a day made all the more lovely by Eleanor and the visit of Janet and Sylvia who brought seeds to sow and pictures of New Zealand to share. Their rocks for the medicine wheel garden are now in place. (1992?)

Janet is by far my most enduring customer. I shared some of my latest writings with her. All sparked in no small measure by the recent conjunction/cupping of the crescent Moon, Venus in her bowl. This occurred on Feb. 24 and was definitely one of the most remarkable celestial couplings this man has ever seen. I hope your own letters written were filled as brightly as that brilliant night. As Mary Ann would say “It was a Seven Eagle day!”

In thinking about this memorial I would have to add that Mary Ann loved her pond as much as anything.  Her refuge for the Western Pond Turtle was her pride and joy and she would rejoice in the choir of frogs as much as that of the birds and this is an aerial link she would have enjoyed.
your prince awaits300

And when you have the time visit my old site – bird stories. Will redo in time.

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