Fireworks and their dangers

Absolutely the most important consideration for anyone who loves pyro is safety. It is my fervent wish that all pyro lovers in the world will live their lives to their normal span, and with all of their body parts intact.

 “Bloomberg’s Red Glare”

Fireworks squad invades Pennsylvania.

Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-fireworks crusade has taken off this year: In addition to offering $1,000 rewards for ratting out your sparkler-loving neighbors via 311, NYPD detectives have hit Pennsylvania—where fireworks are legal—to snoop out New Yorkers who’ve made a run for the border. The NYPD says it’s already made over 60 arrests and seized 30 vehicles and 769 cases of fireworks. Pennsylvania pyrotechnics merchant Bill Weimer has asked NYPD undercovers staking out his Phantom Fireworks stores to stop snapping pictures of his customers’ license plates and beat it. But he says they just move across the street and “give off that New York cop attitude.” Bloomberg claims credit for reducing fireworks-related injuries—not one yet this year—but Weimer says that’s because manufacturers in China are making safer products. “Fireworks are dangerous,” says Bloomberg spokesperson Virginia Lam. “You could lose an eye, a hand, or something worse.” Like your car.

Firework Injuries in Great Britain

ANTI According to PREVENT BLINDNESS AMERICA, nearly 13,000 fireworks victims keep hospitals busy every year. More than half of those injured are children. Fireworks not only injure users, but also 40 percent of fireworks mishaps injure bystanders.

The three types of fireworks that keep hospital emergency rooms busy during this holiday period are bottle rockets, firecrackers, and sparklers. Bottle rockets and firecrackers can fly in any direction prior to exploding and sparklers burn at temperatures hot enough to melt gold.

One of the reasons fireworks injuries continue to occur is because people just don’t consider how dangerous these devices can be. People often don’t realize – until they are injured – that the risk of blindness or injury outweighs the excitement of taking risks with fireworks.

True or False.

1. Fireworks injuries can only occur during the Fourth of July – False
2. Sparklers are safe fireworks and can be given to children – False
3. Gunpowder is a major ingredient in most types of fireworks – Answer True
4. Only people who are careless or unsupervised are injured from fireworks – False
5. Only people who set off fireworks risk injuries – False
6. Males are more likely to get hurt from fireworks – Answer True
7. Bottle rockets are not dangerous because they’re just firecrackers tied to a stick – False
8. DYI homemade fireworks are safer than store bought fireworks – False
9. Using fireworks is an inexpensive way to celebrate the Fourth of July – False
10. My state bans fireworks – Partially True. Many jurisdictions restrict or ban them.
11. Fireworks contain toxic metals and perchlorates. True
12. Soil, water contamination, smoke and concussive noises can affect native wildlife. – True

Perchlorate links

Basically similar  EPA stuff but from a CA take and regulations on it.
Well water contamination. A WA. point of view focusing on this chemical that can enter well water systems, not just waterways or irrigation ditches.

Please pass this article on.

A bit more rabid is my view on the Reservations that sell illegal stuff, but is not supposed to leave the reservation.
It does include more information as how to firescape your home for instance.
I  add a presentation a friend made to City Council and County officials.


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