by Herb Senft


1 1/2 lbs of cooked and shredded chicken or beef
2 tsp. butter and some olive oil
1 large onion chopped
3 cloves garlic minced
1 4 oz. can of diced green chilies
1/2 tsp. chili powder
1/2 tsp. ground cumin
1/2 tsp. oregano
4 Tbl Hab – Hazard or other Habanero Pepper Sauce
4 cups enchilada sauce
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
12 corn tortillas

Edit: To cut down on the heat I now add 1 carton Sour cream (16 oz)

Generally authentic ‘Mexican’ food aside from the big cities is unlikely to be covered in a thick and gloopy layer of suspiciously orange melted cheese. Mozzarella like cheese Yes. The Monterrey Jack t is an American addition. Good sour cream however is hard to obtain, especially that with a living bacterial culture. Unless you live in San Diego or L.A. it is damn hard to come across good Mexican Sour Cream. This is usually drizzled over the fajita, burrito, taco whatever. It also tends to mitigate the heat of some chilies one might use.

In Seattle we have one restaurant that uses Mexican cremat–some of the best enchiladas I’ve ever had. REAL Greek Yogurt would do the job as well. On Making Mexican Sour Cream.

Saute the onion in butter/oil until soft, add the garlic, then the chicken or beef. Mix well. Blend the chiles, chile powder, oregano, 1/2 cup enchilada sauce, Hot Sauce and salt if needed. Blend into the chicken/meat and set aside.

Oil a baking pan or iron skillet and place each tortilla in a bowl of enchilada sauce and coat well; then lay in pan. Place 2-4 Tb. of the meat mixture in each tortilla and 2 Tbs. cheese; roll up, and place, seam down in a lightly greased 13 by 9 inch baking dish. When finished cover with remaining enchilada sauce, sprinkle with more hot sauce and top with cheese. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes or until hot and bubbly.

(If you want to be vegetarian use 1 16 oz package of dried pinto beans, cover with water and let soak over night. Add the onion, chilies (or one jalapeno) and one bay leaf. Bring to a boil in a dutch oven; cover, reduce heat and simmer1 hour or until tender. Remove the bay leaf. Stir in seasonings of above and do add some ground pepper. Bake slightly less, I think about 20 minutes should be enough. Top with salsa, cheese, and sliced ripe olives, sour cream, and chopped green onions.) Yum

Another nice adaption is making a Chimichange del Mar.

Butter and green onion chopped, a few ounces ea. of fresh scallops, shrimp or prawns and salmon, cut into bite sized pieces. (Add these to a saucepan and cook 3 minutes. Add a few sprigs of fresh coriander, finely chopped. 2 Tbsp. chopped tinned green chilies rinsed and patted dry. 2 Tbsp. of sour cream.

Soften 2 large flour tortillas (wrap in foil in a 325 -350 oven) for five minutes, or nuc them for 15 seconds.

Divide the seafood mixture into the two tortillas and fold into an envelope. Place seam side down on an oiled or buttered baking sheet, brush with butter. Bake for 15 – 20 minutes. Serve as is or with salsa or guacamole.

(C) Herb Senft 2014


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