Desserts from around the world

Before I get into serious recipes I would place a warning flag on the over consumption of any of these, especially the following two examples of why people are obese.

 pizza with yummiesPizza with Yummies

and Waffles with Chicken.

wafflewith chicken 

Apfelkuchen (Apple Cake)
Apple crisp Cheesecake link
Apple Fritters
Banana desserts – a Super link!
Blackberry cheesecake
Blueberry sourdough muffins
Caramel upside down cake
Carrot Cake
Espresso Cheesecake Brownie link
Fruit Banana Dessert
My own banana recipe memory from childhood.
Not Derby Pie
Plum Crumble

Pumpkin Cinnamon twists  link
Pumpkin Pie

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