Corn relish or maybe Corn-kraut

Is this recipe pickled corn. Not exactly. It is a curious fact that German recipes had pickled (vinegared) beets, cabbage – both green and red, mushrooms and even beans. Corn however was considered as animal fodder and was rarely served. Corn mush perhaps.


12 ears or more sweet corn
1 small head cabbage chopped fine.
4 sweet onion chopped. About one cup
3 large green or other colored peppers chopped. 1 cup. I like using red for the contrast.
3 cups to one 1 qt. cider vinegar
1 to 2 c. brown sugar packed or about 3/4 cup honey
Canning salt to taste. 1-2 Tbs.or more/ read below
2 Tbsp. dry mustard seeds
I Tbsp. mustard powder. (or more) 1 tsp. turmeric  Optional.
3 Tbsp. celery seed, or chopped celery 1 cup.

The corn should be blanched in boiling water for 2 minutes, then cut, scraping the kernels from the ear. Chop the cabbage, onions and peppers. Combine all the ingredients and cook until tender about 20- 30 minutes.  Let stand in a cool place until the following day as flavors blend. By tasting one can tell if more seasonings are needed. Bring to a boil and seal in about 6 pint canning jars.

Always keep jars hot until ready to use while preparing lids according to instructions.
Ladle the relish into hot jars leaving 1/4-inch head space. Wipe rim of jar clean using a damp paper towel; adjust lid.
Process in a boiling water bath canner for 15 minutes.
Remove from canner and allow to cool for 24 hours before storing in a cool, dark place. 

Always check the seals and label the month and year of processing.

A Cornkraut recipe would be this, please note the big salt difference. Some of the above ingredients could be thrown in.

Shuck and clean corn silk from fresh corn.

Fill a large stock pot with water and bring to a boil.
Scald the ears of corn 2-3 minutes and remove to a kitchen table or counter to cool just enough to handle.

At this point you can leave corn on the ears and pack in 1 gallon jars, lay ears in an 8-10 gallon crock or cut the corn off the ears and make relish. The sauerkraut crock method seems to work best.

Use 1 cup salt to 1 gallon of water and stir to dissolve making your brine 1 gallon at a time. The amount you use will depend on whether you leave the ears whole or cut the corn off the cob.

Once the corn is in jars/crock pour the brine over the corn to cover. If you use a crock lay a glass or stoneware dinner plate upside down over the top and weight it down with a large stone. If you use the gallon jars very loosely screw flats and rings on so the tops will not bulge or burst as the vegetable ferments.

Cover crock with a loose cloth to keep bugs out.

Set in a cool, dry place to cure for 4 weeks. Be sure to check the brine level every 7-10 days and make more brine as needed.
If scum develops because of the fermentation, skim off, replenish liquid and recover.

At the end of 4 weeks you may can the loose corn in canning jars according to directions for sauerkraut or you may leave in crock. You just have to keep checking the liquid level and replenishing as needed.

If using gallon jars, hand tighten and keep under refrigeration or can as you would sauerkraut.

Like salt guilt is the gift that keeps on giving.

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