Chicken sour cream enchiladas quick and easy.

I think I got this from Campbells or it may have been from my friend, John Campbell. Tried it a couple of times. John introduced me to  these soups in many of his recipes and he was a better cook than I. Trader Joe’s would hold the door open for him. 🙂 In L.A. they had many more Mexican soup mixes and he would also bring those treasures home.

They have a Creamy Chicken Verde soup- Shred some cooked chicken, brown lightly with garlic and onion in a sauté pan-you can maybe use a jalapeno pepper- if not add a little smoked chipotle chile powder- a little cumin ( this is a smoky spice- not hot) – sauté until onion has sweated down- add one can of the verde soup- add 1/2 a soup can of sour cream, and as much or as little of any cheese you may be partial to.

Colby jack or Mexican 3 cheese shredded variety- whatever Let it simmer- Use a slotted spoon to get the chicken mixture out of the sauce- fill tortillas, roll so that seam is down in your prepared (spray with a cooking oil to prevent sticking) casserole dish- take the sauce remaining and pour over the enchiladas- top with more grated cheese- bake @ 350 for about 25 minutes- until cheese is melted and then serve with extra sour cream, some cheese.

I also found that regular Mole Sauce is also excellent for chicken enchiladas. Topped with crumbled Queso Fresco.  When finished you will have this.

mole - Copy




I really struggled to find the source for this. The Campbell site did have a few chicken green pepper soup recipes but they were 2 starred. I then tried KRAFT and found a winner.

“It’s high time the enchilada went green. Balanced by cool sour cream, a fresh-tasting salsa verde makes this cheesy, satisfying version stand out from the crowd.”

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