Chicken Schnitzel and how to schnitzel


The stereotypes of the Germans as a man born with a monkey wrench in his hand and eating vast quantities of sausage and sauerkraut should really be discarded. After all, the French eat more sauerkraut–they just call it choucroute (pronounced shoo kroot‘). Deutschland, however, does produce some wonderful food–wiener schnitzel being just one example. When you schnitzel something, you take a piece of meat and dip it in egg and bread crumbs, then fry up in socially correct oil or butter.  Check the bottom of the page for a sad edit. **

(That is today, back in my day it was Crisco or lard that you got from the local butcher or from the bear fat you just rendered. BTW, frog legs don’t schnitzel!)


It is often garnished with lemon, capers or if you’re real adventurous–anchovies! The wiener part is the veal. I use the same method with chicken and it makes a nice healthy fare. For 2 people you’ll need:

2 ea. boneless, skinless chicken breast
1/4 cup flour

2 ea. egg whites
1 cup bread crumbs (seasoned preferably)
1/4 cup low cholesterol oil
1 wedge fresh lemon
White Pepper to taste

If your chicken breasts are thick, pound them out first. This is a must do for all schinztles be it veal, pork or chicken. Dust them lightly with flour and dip into beaten egg whites. Then, coat them with bread crumbs. Heat the oil up in your fry pan and cook the chicken breasts, making sure you do not burn the seasoned bread crumbs. Cook on both sides until golden brown. Squeeze the fresh lemon on the chicken and sprinkle with white pepper.

This always was garnished with fresh parsley, and usually served with cooked potatoes that are mashed with margarine, pepper and skim milk. To give it a real German touch, take fresh cabbage, cut it thin and sauté it in oil with granulated garlic and fresh herbs.

“He has a house with silver tiles.” Literally: his roof is made out of silver. It means someone who is carrying a heavy mortgage.

Now I must add a Darwin Award for you having read all of this. The chicken head cut off was NOT!

EDIT: When dealing with meat of any sort, check the expiration dates carefully before buying. I got a good deal on some chicken only to find the date was already expired.  Using it with a few days may have worked but I put it off until I decided it needed the dumpster.  Three to five days is the max limit for me.


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