Meschugge ist Trumpf

YUP, I can so see it! and in his own words about his staffers ‘Fighting Over Who Loves Me The Most’

The Republican overlords have WON!

1. More and more Americans will be put to work as paid wage slave laborers completely at the mercy of their corporate overlords – overtime, work safety laws – what is dat?.

2. Corporations are now legal citizens who can sue governments if they oppose their actions. Unbelievable!
They, NOT YOU are going to get a cut tax rates! As Trump said at Key Largo “YOU ALL JUST GOT A LOT RICHER.”

3.Throw in the dismemberment of National Monuments and Parks and parceling the body parts to coal and uranium mining interests. YUP. – full steam ahead for corporations polluting our air and our water. Meanwhile UP the costs to enter these degraded parks. Single parents, widows and orphans, may you weep.

Perhaps the Orange Wig’s removal of Climate Change threats could be excused by his low IQ, but no more. Now we see that he has conspired with his fellow Russian plutocrats and rich buddy Putin to wreck the planet while he enjoys a cigar, plays a round of golf, and laughs at the voters who elected him.

Impeachment? Well with this tax bill and other actions directed to our environment and national parks, it may be too late.

trump and putin
Viewing their new golf course in Molvania.

The earth beneath our feet is ever preserved by hard tilling and the investiture of sweat and labor towards later and greater rewards, the investment towards a future that our children will be filling long after we’re gone.
Forgotten by the ruling oligarchs, mafias and plutocrat banksters and corpsters is that this land, this nation belongs to its children, forwarded on loan and then only if, we as stewards are concerned enough to pass it on in the same health and beauty as it has been lent to us.

It saddens me that so many old things have disappeared so entirely. The ability to enjoy night skies, clean air …. the quick tramp to the creek or river with the worms and fishing rod, beaches that are clean and not befouled. National parks and monuments that used to be free are now limited to tolls and every increasing fees and access times are restricted.
I am near speechless in bewilderment as to what is happening to our world. The bastards have won
and we’ve all helped them

(C) Herb Senft 12/26 2017

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Meschugge ist Trumpf — 1 Comment

  1. try not to be distracted with the Putin stuff, that’s not real I don’t think, or important.
    we are in the twilight years now of a rabid consumer based culture that is grasping at straws trying to keep this ship afloat.
    we don’t notice this is the end because it is moving in slow motion.
    tic toc tic toc…

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